Apertures in double height living room

Hello @mostapha , I have a follow-up question regarding this issue. I have this double-height livingroom in my model and initially it’s not showing up with the correct height. I tried override height on my model and now the height seems to be correct, but the upper part of the windows are not showing up with the newly added height. Is there a way to work around this? Thank you so much!

Hi @lijiaye, can you share the model with me privately to have a look?

Hi @lijiaye,

Thank you for sharing the model. This is happening because the Base Constraint for top curtain walls were set to Second. If you change them to First and change the Base Offset to 9' 0" the apertures will show up as expected.

@ksobon will correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that this is happening because we only process the apertures that are on the same level as the floor to optimize the processing time.

Hello @mostapha , thank you so much for your help! Yes this has solved my problem.