ASHP Modelling - Ironbug

Hi @mingbo ,

Could you provide a heating/cooling example of a simple ASHP plant feeding some zone coils?

I have been attempting to model like this:

As soon as I define the condenser type the simulation wont run. If I omit this the simulation runs but without heating/cooling values. (35.8 KB)

Hi @marentette,

Have you tried this sample that OpenStudio Standard suggested? This is basically an Ironbug version of this measure.

Yes I tried. This is heating only if I am not mistaken.

I made an attempt at splitting the cooling and heating up and using the example. I am getting the following error when trying to export it. (80.2 KB)

Hi @marentette, right, this is only for heating and EMS isn’t supported in the new LBT/Pollinaiton workflow.
Yesterday, I started adding new HeatPumpPlantLoopEIRHeating and HeatPumpPlantLoopEIRCooling objects to Ironbug, and that should work for plant-side heat pumps. I should be able to finish the work today and will keep you posted.

Hi @marentette, I replied to the original post about ASHP here. Please install the latest version of Ironbug and let me know if there is any questions.

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Hi @mingbo , I tried to get heating and cooling result via EUI results and with the new HeatPumpPlantLoopEIRHeating and HeatPumpPlantLoopEIRCooling objects and there is only Heatpump results showing. How can I differentiate this into heating and cooling consumption?

Hi @kristofrol

You can use “OutputParams” and “Read Custom Result” component to get these two objects’ consumptions.


Thank you @mingbo ! It worked!
Ai am also interested in that how much DHW consumption there is as part of the heat pump heating electricity energy. I realized that if I am trying to get this output from WaterUseConnections object that it has not the same value that turning this dhw section off means. Where should I look for dhw consumption?