ASHRAE Recipes for Pollination


I’m planning to subscribe to the paid version. I very interested in the ASHRAE 90.1 recipe and LEED daylight recipe . Can I get more info about it?


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Sorry for the late response, @casasola88 .

We have recipes that can run Appedix G simulations for the latest ASHRAE 90.1, which is what’s needed to evaluate LEED “optimize energy performance” credits. We also have a recipe that can compute LEED daylight credits using the illuminance method (Option 2). We are still working on one that uses the spatial Daylight autonomy method.

However, both of the recipes are currently hidden from the public as far as I understand. @mostapha , can you confirm when and how we can expose these to people who purchase a product from us?

The most straight forward approach for now is to make them available via Apps. We can talk about this more next week and act on it as needed.

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