Best way to get Revit geometry into Rhino without entering the ladybug UX

Could you please provide guidance on the most effective method for exporting Revit geometry from Pollination to Rhino? Our company utilizes ClimateStudio, and we are hoping that Pollination can facilitate this geometry export to Rhino.

Hi @apoorvapradhan, welcome to the forum.

The most effective way is to export the model as an HBJSON file and use the Pollination Rhino plugin to import the HBJSON file into Rhino.

Doesn’t CLimateStudio come with a Revit plugin that exports the model from Revit to Rhino for daylight simulation? Why don’t you use that instead of the Pollination Revit plugin.

If you are using the Pollination Revit plugin because your use case is energy modeling, then I strongly recommend trying the Pollination Rhino plugin for energy modeling.