Changes to Energy Simulation Parameters are not reflected in idf files

I tried changing Energy Simulation Parametes.


I checked several models, but changes to any paremeter in the panel above are not reflected in idf files.

Hey @keigonomura ,

Can you elaborate on which property of the Simulation Parameter is not reflected in your IDF? Can you also clarify which method you are using to save the IDF?

I replicated your changes to the simulation parameter:

… and then I used “Save As IDF” and all of the properties seem to have translated correctly:



@chriswmackey This case.

I lost the original Rhino file.
When I opened it, I got the following error message, and the all the properties have been reset.

Test.3dm (260.4 KB)
I may have set the Maximum Figures in Shadow Overlap Calculations less than 200 before I saved the Rhino file for the last time. This would be another issue.

Meanwhile, I tried to reproduce the issue with a different Rhino file, and the Energy Simulation Parameters were reflected successfully. So, this issue is solved for now. I may have been mistaken.

Thanks @keigonomura ,

The fact that you were able to set the maximum figures to something less than 200 in the Rhino UI is a bug on our end.

@mingbo can fix it when he gets the chance.