"Check Run Results" output wrong file location

When I run a recipe locally with the Setup Runs the Check Run Results exports file paths that don’t exist. Is this a user error on install? or something deeper in the code?

This is where it really lives
This is the output from the Check Run Results

the output file path doesn’t let me get to the data, the other path allows me to visualize the data once the files are read. I also had to set view subfolders to True in order to access the *.cda files, with it set to False only the config.json is available.

Am I completely out of line and missing something?

Thank you,

Mingbo, can you try to recreate this on your end. Thank you!

Hi @renrainville - Thank you for reporting the issue. Can you also share the version of the Pollination Grasshopper plugin that you are using?, I have the installer downloaded from last week. I will install the update and follow up.

same situation with