Choose manually to process either rooms or spaces in step 4

Hi guys

I have a model with about 350 rooms at a certain floor level. I am only interested in looking at 3 zones on this level, so I added 3 analytical spaces for these zones. However, when I go to step (4) Room/Space Properties, PO starts parsing through every room and space in the model, which is quite time consuming and unnecessary.

Would it be possible to add a function before step 4, where you can choose whether to parse rooms and/or spaces?

It seems like PO also parses through rooms in a linked model, so in any HVAC engineers case, where you model spaces on a linked model, the processing time would be the double.

Just a nice request


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Hi, @labrosse,

This is a great feature request and makes a lot of sense! We can probably move those to step 3 when you manage the levels. If we can keep them linked then we can still have access to them in step 4. @ksobon, what are your thoughts on this?

That shouldn’t be the case. We have a feature request to make that available but I’m not sure if that is the case right now. @ksobon can confirm.

Yea I take back that part, it’s just because it says “Processiong Room” even if the model only contains spaces, so got a little confused xD But that’s an insignificant detail.

@mostapha @labrosse sounds good to me. I don’t mind putting that filter into the previous step.


This has been addressed in the latest release of the Revit plugin.

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