Cloud simulation without opening Rhino/Revit?

If I want to run simulations from Pollination Cloud, can this be achieved fully in the Cloud, without relying on any 3rd party application (Rhino, Revit)?

I have a bunch of HBJSON models and would like to use them as input for a daylight simulation. Will I be able to get the results as a JSON or something without even opening Rhino/Grasshopper? Cannot find anything in the standard docs about HBJSON → Cloud sim → JSON/some-data-format.

Hi @julianriise,

I did not see that you created this topic before answering the question in the other topic. I have copied my answer in the quote below.

The file format of the results depends on the type of the result, but you should be able to get all the results in the web browser.

Additionally you can watch this video on how to run simulations using only your web browser.