Construction properties and schedules missing in .osm export

I tried for the first time an OpenStudio model export using Pollination for Revit. The geometry is super clean but I don’t see any of the material and schedules that I set up in the plugin. Is this normal or did I miss something during my export?

Hi, @ekta and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Can you provide a screenshot of how you have assigned the schedules and constructions? Are you using the extruded mode or the detailed mode? It might be a bug that we haven’t noticed mainly because in most cases these values are set in the target simulation tools like OpenStudio, IES, DesignBuilder, or the Pollination Rhino plugin.

Hi Mostapha,
I used an extruded mode with the plug-in. I now applied blanket schedules to all rooms. The .osm exports gets no properties

  • Ekta

Hi, @ekta - I tried a few models and I couldn’t recreate this error. Any chance that you can share the model with us so we can recreate the issue on our end? Thanks!

@mostapha @ekta this should be resolved now. @mingbo confirmed that OSM exports include properties.

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Thank you, @ksobon - this fix will be included in our next public release.

@ekta, try to download the latest release. The version is 2.103.0.

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