Construction Set - Cfactor and Ffactor

Can we model Construction sets (opaque walls/floors) with Cfactor and Ffactor with Rhino plugin? They correspond to Construction:CfactorUndergroundWall and Construction:FfactorGroundFloor in EnergyPlus. They are used for ASHRAE 90.1 compliance.

Not at the moment unless you edit the exported OSM or IDF files but we have an open issue to support this:

When we eventually expose it in Pollination/LBT interface, this will probably be as a special boundary condition object for each underground face, which stores the information about how far below ground the geometry is independently of the real u-value of the underground construction. Then, we’ll translate this all over to the EnergyPlus C-Factors and F-Factors. This way, the constructions on your model still resemble your real design even if the distance below ground changes.

And we’ll probably have some automated methods that calculate how far below ground each Face is given a terrain surface.