Context Shades Causing Model to Fail to Write

Something with the context shades is causing my model to fail to export to GEM.

I was able to get the shades to export if I only selected one set. The other shades are modeled as part of a window family, which i think is causing the failure issue. The complex shades that were originally created in rhino only exported as these dots though.

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Hi @crduggin, thank you for the update. Can you export the model as a HBJSON and share it with me? That way I should be able to recreate the issue on my end.

Ideally, include the problematic shades too.

How do i export to HBJSON?

Hi @crduggin, it is the same process. Just select the Honeybee Model (*.hbjson) at the last step.


You can also share the Revit model with me if that makes it easier for you! Thanks again.

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@crduggin, I had a closer look to the original error and the initial errors comes from an older version of the plugin. It should not be a problem anymore. I’ll mark this topic as solved for now.

We can continue the conversation about the non-planar shades’ translation in the private message.