Convert Rhino Plugin BEM to normal Grasshopper LBT BEM

I normally use standard LBT Honeybee components to perform energy simulations.
I would like to try the Rhino Plugin using the 14-day free trial.
When the free trial is over, is there a way to export the model made using the Rhino Plugin to standard LBT components ? Or at least generate a file with all the hypotheses (gains, occupancy profiles…) taken using this plugin? I would like to make sure to be able to continue working on my project after this free trial.


Hi @bluemeadow, Welcome to the forum! :wave:

The answer is yes.

When you have a valid version of the Rhino plugin, you can use the PO_Model component to import the Pollination model from Rhino to Grasshopper. It translates the Pollination model to a Honeybee model under the hood.

You can also save your model as an HBJSON file and import it to Grasshopper using the HB Load Objects. As long as you save your model to HBJSON before your license expires you will be able to import the model into Grasshopper.

In both approaches, all the geometry and metadata will be kept. One of the strengths of the Pollination ecosystem is that we treat interoperability as it should be. Your model is your model!

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