Converting a model from 3dm to idm

Hi, I am very new to Rhino and Pollinaiton. I was given a model in Rhino that I need to export to IDA ICE. I am attempting to save the model as an idm file, but then th file writing plug-in fails. The error says that it is fails because there are no rooms. So then I run PO_AddRooms which creates 970 rooms and when I try to save again the file writing plug-in fails again with the error IndexError:list index out of range. What am I doing wrong and how can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @gekos, welcome to the forum!

Can you share your model with us? I can take a look and let you know what might be going on. You can share it privately via a message.

Hi @gekos,

Thank you for sharing the model. I reviewed your model, and it is not ready to be exported to IDA-ICE. To do that, you need to build every room/level as a closed BREP, and then create it as a room before you can export it to IDA ICE.

See the user manual for getting started with the Rhino plugin.

Here is a 3-hour workshop to get you started using the Rhino plugin.

Here is a presentation that shows the Pollination workflows for IDA-ICE users.