"Core" object has no attribute "Entity"

Just installed Rhino plugin and download the sample script from github.
It gives this warning as below. How do I correct this?

“Core” object has no attribute “Entity”

The script i download is :

Hi @senzhangennead,

I believe you are trying a very old script that @antonellodinunzio put together as an example for using the Pollination Rhino SDK directly.

Can you tell us what you are trying to do? We have developed many other solutions including the apps that might be a better fit than using the Pollination Rhino SDK at this point.

I was just introduced to pollination today and I am very very interested in the ability to customize python script to interact with pollination function. I am not yet ready to build my own app yet as I am just scratching the surface.

If there exists modern version of the sample scripts, please guide me toward that! I am looking forward to exploring the syntax.

Thank you for the clarification. Here is the source code for this app that gives you a breakdown for each facade. That should give you a good starting point.

The underlying model is a Honeybee model, and you can interact with the model using the Pollination and Ladybug Tools Python libraries.

Thank you!
Do you also have example in local running just like the older SDK? No streamlit dependency?

Hmm. Is the requirement here to be able to run it locally? Or not to have the Streamlit dependency? Just to make sure that you are aware of the option, you can run a streamlit app locally.

We have two options here:

  1. @antonellodinunzio can probably update the script for you to run. The main limitation in that case is that we don’t have proper documentation for the Pollination Rhino SDK.

  2. You can load the model into Grasshopper and use the GHPython component to work with the HBJSON version of the model. Would that give you what you need?