Creating an Organisation

Hi everyone,
I have two small queries:

  1. How can I add a firm name to Organization? I am not seeing any option for that.
  2. Earlier we could make our projects private, but now its not possible? How can I
    Any suggestions much appreciated.

Hi @asisnath, thank you for posting these questions.

  • We limited creating orgs on Pollination for now - Our team can create an organization for you if you give us the information for your company.

    • company name: Human readable company name (e.g. Ladybug Tools)
    • slug: company name for url (e.g. ladybug-tools)
    • description: A single line description for the company
    • url to company logo: it should be a square like logo similar to what you would use for Twitter.
    • contact email
  • Creating private projects should still be possible unless you have already reached the maximum number of private projects for your account.