Curved Surface: Unable to create Room in Pollination

The curved surface on facade registers as non planar and I am unable to create a pollination room using that geometry.
Should I be converting the curved surface into a series of straight lines ?

Related Rhino Model

Hi @upawarcannon, Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Yes. This is by design! We decided to leave the geometry rationalization to the user.

This is something that we can revisit again if there is high demand for it, and create some routines for geometry planarization or share some Grasshopper scripts to do the same.

Thank you for your response.
Would it be possible to guide me towards grasshopper scripts that can help me resolve this issue as 50% of our building facade is curved.

Breaking the curved surface into smaller planar surface does not seem to resolve the issue. Only when the curve is completely eliminated does it register as a room. This creates. inaccuracy in the registered volume and aperture placement for the larger rooms.

Related Rhino model with different methods applied to register the curved surface as pollination room.

Hi @upawarcannon,

Thank you for sharing the model. For a geometry like this, you can use Rhino’s Convert command to break down the curve into smaller polygons.

Here is the updated file:

Pollination Doubt 2_Resolved.3dm (1.0 MB)

I also recorded a video because I imagine other people might also want to solve a similar problem.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the video @mostapha . Incase if we have a curved window on the curved wall, will this be possible with these steps?

I would just recreate the apertures after creating the wall. You can project the aperture on each face and then use the PO_AddApertures command to add them as apertures. At that point, it is probably easier to do that in Grasshopper.

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