Customize the construction set

Is there a way to customize the construction sets by adding new material layers to the current library?

Hi @pradipta,

Yes. You can customize materials, constructions, and construction-sets. The easiest way to create a new construction-set is to duplicate an existing construction-set and then try to edit it.

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Hi Mostapha, thanks for your prompt reply. I have done this process where we can select the set of the construction assembly from the existing library and prepare a new material set. But if we want to select a material which is not present in the choice list and we want to create a fundamental material itself which is nowhere loaded in the pollination, what will be the probable solution in that case?

Similarly, you can create custom materials and constructions.

There is a hierarchy in how Eneregyplus deals with materials and constructions.


  • The first item in the hierarchy is material. You can edit existing materials or create new ones using the Energy Materials menu.

  • Then you can put the materials together to create constructions. Similarly, there is a construction manager. A construction can have one or more layers of materials.

  • Finally, construction-set allows you to map different constructions to different face types. You can use any of the constructions that you have created using the construction manager.

:memo: You can also do this by editing text files but I imagine that’s not what you were asking for.