Deleting jobs and projects doesn't fully free up the storage

Hi @mostapha,
I cleaned ABSOLUTELY everything in my account (no jobs or projects).
But when i check my subscription it says that i’m using 69 Gb of 5 Gb, so i exceeded mu quota lomit.

I’m missing something?


Hi @ayezioro :wave:

This shouldn’t be happening. I will investigate our usage monitoring pipeline and get back to you ASAP!

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I see something has changed on the status of the account.
Now it says i’m using 1.5 Gb.
My question is where this data is coming from. From my side i deleted all projects i had. At least i can’t see anything that can represent the data it says i’m using.

Hi @ayezioro! @antoinedao is still working on this. We are cleaning up the calculation for the resources and how they are being updated. He should be able to give you a better answer soon.

Hi @ayezioro this is my bad sorry. We didn’t take into account projects you deleted a month of two ago. I’ll re-run the delete events through our platform to backfill data deletion for all accounts.

Your account should be down to 0 by the end of this week! :raised_hands:

Thanks @antoinedao ,
No worries, i was just curious.


Hi @ayezioro :wave:

I have finally had a bit of time to address the underlying issue that caused the misrepresented storage usage on your account. Thanks for pointing it out and thanks for being patient with us while we resolved it!

You should now see that your account has a pristine 0GB usage :grinning:



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@antoinedao is there a way for me to “delete all” or select several studies and delete them all simultaneously?

Currently clicking on each study individually and waiting for the Delete button to load which is taking a long time

Ok @antoinedao I just opened all in new tabs which went much quicker, but now I’m having the same issue as the first person in this thread where I’ve deleted all studies but still have 1GB/5GB used up

Hi, @max - to fully address this issue we had to re-factor our whole approach towards how we track the usage and the progress of the tasks. Since we are aware of the issue about deleting the studies we do not charge anyone for additional storage until we fully resolve this problem. It shouldn’t stop you from running new studies [if you are running them under any of the paid accounts].

Hi @mostapha, the Pollinate component was throwing an error which was preventing me from sending new jobs:

As mentioned, opening all studies in new tabs turned out not to be a huge effort in my case so it’s more of a minor issue.

I see what is going on here. Sorry for the confusion. I should have said it shouldn’t stop you from running the studies under the paid accounts.