Deselecting Shades for export

Is there a way to not export shades without removing them from the selection? I thought maybe if i didn’t have them highlighted when i hit next, they wouldn’t export like with rooms/spaces, but that is not the case. I keep having to delete all the redundant shades when importing a single floor of spaces or single rooms to complete my model.

Ah! That is not fun. :neutral_face: - This looks like a bug to me. The shades shouldn’t be exported if they are not selected. I also noticed that we don’t have a select none option for the shades.

Hey Konrad! I can recreate this issue on my end. Not sure when it has been introduced but currently there is no way to deselect the shades from the exported model.

The select all and deselect all buttons aren’t on that part of the UI like it is on the others.