Detailed HVAC - HBJSON File Simulation Fail

My model validates and the simulation runs when testing it inside the Rhino file I created the detailed HVAC system. Once I save the file as a HBJSON file and import it back into Rhino the model validates but simulation fails.

@chriswmackey I sent you the examples.

Hi, @marentette, did you use Ironbug? Or did you use Honeybee to create the detailed system? If it’s the former then you should also include @mingbo.

Detailed HVAC with Ironbug.

Thanks! In that case, it will be helpful if you share the 3DM file that will include the Grasshopper script too. Once the HVAC is translated to HBJSON it’s not easy to edit anymore.

Thanks, @marentette .

It seems like this is a bug with serializing the your Ironbug HVAC to JSON and back. @mingbo is the best person to diagnose the issue and he can look into it when he is back. It would also be good if you could tell us what version of Pollination you are using since I know Mingbo has recently made several fixes to Ironbug.

I’ll also clarify that Ironbug HVAC is the only category of objects that can cause a simulation failure without making the model invalid. It’s just not feasible for us to check the wide range of capability offered by the OpenStudio SDK and Ironbug without actually translating the Model into OSM. In fact, we had previously been just letting the simulation proceed without the Ironbug system if the system was not translate-able to something valid but we recently changed this to cause a simulation failure:

This is just one of those cases where raising a failure message is more practical than the purity of the statement that “any valid model should be simulate-able.” So, while what you have reported here is pretty clearly a bug, just bear in mind that IronBug HVAC gives you great power but also comes with great responsibility to make sure you’re building the system according to OpenStudio’s rules.

After updating the Rhino add-in the issue is resolved. Thank you for looking into it!


Thanks all, please let me know if the issue remains.

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