DetailedHVAC Component does not apply Ironbug system

Hey @mingbo,

I’m still having problems with the DetailedHVAC component not applying the Ironbug HVAC system to the OpenStudio model. Please take a look at my model and see if there is something to fix this: (627.5 KB)

To make it work, I need to translate the model, apply the HVAC with the IB_SaveToFile component, and then use the HB Run OSM component. This process adds a bunch of steps that would be great to avoid. I believe the IronbugHVAC is not apply correctly because of the use of IB_AirTerminalSingleDuctInletSideMixer component.

Hi @justinshultz - This might be because of this bug in the OpenStudio SDK that @mingbo documented.

I know that he has implemented a workaround that should be available in the next release.

Thank you for the quick reply. @mingbo, thanks for diving deep to troubleshoot this error.

Is there an estimate on when a new version will be released? Working on a deadline and would love to make this process faster.

Follow up question for @mingbo and @chriswmackey, I am trying to use the Pollination Appendix-G-Performance workflow. How do I load the OSM file from the IB_SaveToFile path as a model so that I can feed the model into the Setup Run component?

I found this post and it seems like unfortunately it is not possible. So I will need to wait for the next release to model this system in the Appendix-G-Performance workflow.

Hey @justinshultz .

The answer here is unfortunately, you cannot. The recipe only accepts Honeybee models as input since editing the OSM to assign it baseline properties is not something that we have any code for. If you want to use the Appendix G recipe with an Ironbug HVAC, your only option at this point is to wait for @mingbo 's fix, which includes the Ironbug HVAC embedded in the Honeybee Model HBJSON.

I have the latest Rhino plugin that was internally released yesterday and it seems to have @mingbo 's fix in it. Let me see if I can push an updated version of the recipe to Pollination with the fix.

Hi @justinshultz while waiting for the new releases.

Here is an alternative if you want to apply the system to a baseline model in case you want to test locally.

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Hey @justinshultz ,

I just updated the Appendix G recipe with the Ironbug fix:

So, if you use appendix-g-performance 0.3.3, you should be able to run your HBJSON with the detailed Ironbug HVAC assigned to it through the recipe.

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Hey @chriswmackey,

Thanks for the update. To clarify, this is an update to the recipe but it doesn’t fix the Ironbug workaround identified prior? In other words, I still need to wait for the new Pollination installer?

Hi @justinshultz I am not sure what the error is and I can’t seems able to recreate the issue on my side with your file.

If it is related to the IB_AirTerminalSingleDuctInletSideMixer, then that issue was fixed about 4 months ago, could you tell me what version of Pollination you have installed on your machine?

We can also share the latest version on the plugin with you. I assume you’re using the Grasshopper interface for the HVAC and a change to the PO_HVACEditor doesn’t break your workflows.

I’m referring to the fact the DetailedHVAC doesn’t apply the Ironbug system to the model. The model runs just fine because there are ideal air systems as placeholders but the OSM created doesn’t have the mechanical equipment from Ironbug. I tried using the version that is on the download page, PollinationRHGHInstaller-1.27.19.

Now I’m super confused though. You posted to the OpenStudio github just two days ago. @mostapha thinks the problems are associate with your post and the ModelTranslate work around you added instead of the LoadModel workflow in the SDK. I am waiting for the Pollination installer that has a working DetailedHVAC component.

This might work! Yes, I am using Grasshopper.

Out of curiosity, if I baked the Ironbug HVAC system into the Pollination model, would that fix my problems?

This being said. I wonder if I need to replace the Grasshopper component on the canvas after I updated to the newer version of Pollination. Stay tuned.

Have you tested the workflow with a simple box model and a template HVAC system? I just want to ensure it is not related to any installation issues.

Hi @justinshultz - I uploaded the latest version of the Rhino plugin here:

Using this version will help us to have a shared starting point.

cc: @minggang - here is the link in case you want to download and try the latest developer version.

The process works for the template Ironbug System 7 applied to a box model. I’ll try the new version Mostapha just shared and let you know if it’s fixed.

I have the new Pollination installed but still not getting the Ironbug HVAC to work with the DetailedHVAC component. Do I need to replace any of the commons in the grasshopper file after updating to this new version of Pollination?

Mingbo, can you check the file and see if you can recreate the issue on your end?

I should add that it is not working for the Ironbug System in the grasshopper file I attached. It is edited for my project, not a template file anymore.