Direct Sun Hours

Hi all,
testing Pollination for the first time, I am trying the recipes currently available. I don’t seem to be able to run the direct sun hours recipe on cloud.

I was having issues also running the recipe locally but then using the LB Versioner seems to have fixed the problem now on my machine.
When the recipe runs on cloud though after the octree is created there are two steps that fail. See screenshots:

I also tried to run the daylight factor recipe on cloud and that works fine, so I’m guessing there are some issues specifically with the direct sun hours recipe on cloud?

Attached the gh definition that I’m using: (61.1 KB)

Hi @emanueleli, can you share the link to the failed runs on Pollination here? Thanks.

Hi @mostapha try this link:

Hopefully works, otherwise the failed jobs are in the demo project under my account. I didn’t create it under any organization so should be publicly accessible as far as I understood?
All the failed jobs you see in the demo project are with the direct sun hours recipe.


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Hi @emanueleli, it’s a glitch on our side. I could run your model locally with no issues.

@antoinedao, I’m going to assign this issue to you. The error happens because the path to artifacts is not resolved correctly. See here. See the .. in the path.

Error (exit code 1): artifact input-mtx failed to load: no results for key: accounts/e146af1d-e24f-4435-a254-6f351c154d4e/projects/18fe0706-0b36-4dff-b547-8836bdf0e2ce/jobs/30603447-b90f-4cb0-ac93-473121a7194e/runs/68ae2b5a-0633-582a-bf58-576c029804a2/workspace/initial_results/0/../direct_sun_hours/0.ill
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Hi @emanueleli,

@antoinedao fixed the issue! You should be able to re-run the same model with the same recipe. Here is a test that I did with your model.

Thank you for letting us know!

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