Download Problems

Hi I’ve completed a project but cannot access the data to download.

Running version 0.102.1 of the plugin, previously download worked fine on other projects.

Only thing I can see is the clock on the bottom of “check job status” icon keeps counting? may or may not be relevant.

Only seems to be with the job run yesterday, previous jobs seem ok.
NOTE:job run yesterday was using 0.75.2 GH plugin, again not sure if relevant as results below were previously done with 0.75.2 GH plugin but getting results OK with 0.102.1 GH plugin.

Any help appreciated,

Also based on previous posts debug loginfo from component:

component log from unsuccessful run from file in “check job status” about:
2021-08-10 15:07:48.270 +12:00 [INF] Loading JobsDialog for project demo!
2021-08-10 15:17:50.442 +12:00 [INF] Loading JobsDialog for project demo!


Hi @paul!

I’m going to ping @mingbopeng for GH-specific help.

But, I did notice that this job seemed to be subject to an issue we’re having with tracking job statuses on the backend. The job appeared to be unfinished, but all of the runs had actually completed in about 2 hours.

I’ve updated the status manually. And I can see the results through the web app for the runs that I tested.

Could you please confirm if you’re still having an issue downloading your results?

Apologies for the confusion and thanks for helping us find bugs! :bug:

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Thanks @tyler for checking! I can confirm that I can see the runs for this job in Grasshopper but now it seems to be a different bug in the download component itself.

Now this one is something for @mingbo! I’m uploading the file here to make it easier to recreate the error. (6.9 KB)

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Thanks @tyler @mostapha,
This might be the issue for why GH cannot download assets.


Ah, more status update problems. The runs are done (you can see the results here Pollination Cloud App) and the status is Succeeded but the finished_at time was not set.

I will update them manually for now!

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Hi @paul, did you get a chance to try to download the files after the fix?

Hi @mostapha, yes thank you previous results were able to be accessed and run another set of results with no problem.