Drawing a door error

I created all the rooms and now going around and placing doors in the model. However, when I drawing the doors on surfaces I keep getting this error. Any idea what could lead to this?

I have already solved adjacency and checked to make sure all my internal and external walls are showing correct boundaries.

Thank you.


Hi @resh,

I tried both PO_DrawDoors and PO_AddDoors commands and they both work fine.

I also tried with interior walls.

What is your approach to creating the doors?

I click on add door and select draw doors. It then prompts me to select the surface of a room which when I do and draw it up, the above error pops up. The geometry is populated as just a surface and not door.

What I did next was, doing the same approach, I select the geometries and select the created surface. The door is then populated under orphaned object. Not sure why this is happening.

For reference.

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Hi @resh, thank you for sharing the video.

  1. Can you share the model with us to try to recreate the issue on our end?
  2. Can you try to update the Rhino plugin to the latest version?

Unfortunately, I cannot recreate the issue which blocks me from being able to debug the issue. @mingbo, can you tell what might be going on based on the error message?