Dynamo/grasshopper script to clean surfaces of revit export

When i export the HBSON model from revit and import into Rhino, I notice that the aperture surfaces and the exterior surfaces overlap one another.

I tried to make a grasshopper script to cut out the aperture surfaces from the exterior surfaces but did not get far. Has anyone successfully made a DYnamo or Grasshopper script to cut out the apertures from the exterior surfaces the way it is shown in the Revit preview?

I would like the model in Rhino to be an accurate representation of Window versus Wall surfaces.


Hi @moses-woolpert,

That is by design. If you subtract the apertures from the base face it will create an invalid Pollination/Honeybee model.

If you still would like to get the geometry separated you can use the HB Visualize All component that subtracts the apertures and doors from walls. You can bake that geometry back to Rhino. Here is an example of a single room.


It also seems Split Brep Multiple Component does wonders in this area using the Apetures as “Cutters”
Dispatch can be then used to filter Open Breps from Surfaces ‘Apertures’

I would like to bring the Model Table Data to PowerBI via Grasshopper.

Is it possible to load the HB.JSON file into Rhino via grasshopper?

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Can you show me the output that you are trying to create for a simple room? That way I can help you with a script to generate those.

Dose this help?