Energy Cost / Renewable Energy Summary

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Is it possible to add data like utility rate and no of photovoltaic panels from within the rhino plugin setup?

EAp2-3. Energy Type Summary

L-1. Renewable Energy Source Summary

HI @upawarcannon ,

I have plans to add support for EnergyPlus Photovoltaics into LBT and we should be able to expose it in Pollination Rhino soon thereafter. I recently said in a meeting that I’m aiming to get it implemented in LBT before the end of 2023. You’ll know that it is implemented when you see this GhitHub issue closed:

As for making use of OpenStudio/EnergyPlus’s utility rate features, we don’t really have plans to expose this in LBT or Pollination since multiplying the results by the rates is pretty straightforward to do in Grasshopper (or an App) after the simulation. And setting it up like this will likely give you more control and allow you to change the rates without needing to re-run the simulation. That said, I know that some OpenStudio users like making use of this feature and, in this case, you can set up the utility rates using the OpenStudio Application in the tab that they have for it:



Thank you for your suggestions.
Looking forward to the renewable energy support.