Energy simulation got same results


I always got the same results of energy simulation. I make sure the name for each run is different, but this cannot fix the issue. I upload the demo file. (287.8 KB)


You should give different names for each case.

What @ayezioro said! Renaming each run is different than renaming each model. Several runs can share the same input and to avoid overwriting your models you need to rename each model to ensure they get saved with a different name.

Thanks. I confused the name of models and runs.

Thanks, Mostapha. I thought the parameter name can differ the runs. Now I gave different names for each model, and it worked well.
By the way, I have a question about the run time. I observed that more runs can take less time to finish. Conversely, single run may take the most time. Why this happen?


Hi Dan,

It is very possible for such cases to happen. See this blog post for a detailed explanation: