Energy Simulation issue with Ver PO.V1.43.8.0

Hello all,

I updated to the latest version of pollination PO.V1.43.8.0 (Mar 06, 2024) today. I am trying to run an energy simulation through grasshoper from Rhino pollination model. After the start of Simulation the batch file simualtion stops showing this;

The file was running fine yesterday before update

What would be the issue

Just an update I found out that removing OS measure component from HBModel to OSM component, the simulation works fine again. This Os measure is to provide default OS report at the end downloaded from BCL library. Can anyone please check the issue. (962.2 KB)

Hi @asisnath, We are in the process of upgrading to the newer version of OpenStudio, and this might be happening because the measure is not compatible with OpenStudio 3.7.0. Give us a couple of days to make the next release and we can then test the measure and see what might be going on.

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Hey @asisnath ,

The “stopped” batch window is EnergyPlus running successfully on your machine. You just need to wait and the simulation will finish.

It seems that OpenStudio 3.7 just has an issue in it related to the adapter that we use to read the EnergyPlus simulation progress whenever you are running a reporting measure. So that’s why you don’t see any simulation progress. But the simulation is running successfully and you just need to be patient.

I’ll see if there is anything that I can do to work around this change that OpenStudio team made.

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I was unable to find a workaround to get the simulation progress to display but this seems to be related to some other issues with OpenStudio 3.7 and I posted a question about it here on their GitHub:

Hopefully, they will fix it soon but we may just have to deal with not having the E+ simulation progress whenever we run a reporting measure until OpenStudio 3.8 comes out. At least this is not a blocking issue and the simulation still proceeds even though we don’t have the progress reported.

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Thank you @chriswmackey . I will run snd wait for While. Let me see if it fiishes.

FYI, @asisnath , Julien from NREL just fixed the issue that was causing you to get this “C:/Program not recognized” message and he pointed me to this new --show-stdout option that they added to OpenStudio CLI, which will get the E+ simulation progress to display. It’s all documented here on the NREL GitHub:

Long story short, we should have a version of the Pollination installer very soon where you can see the EnergyPlus progress again. Thanks again for reporting the issue.


Thank you @chriswmackey for the update.:+1: