Error in annual-energy-use-0.3.4


I am getting error when I link my HB Model to annual-energy-use 0.3.4 recipe in Pollination. While the same HB Model was working with previous version of the recipe and perfectly works OpenStudio locally. Is there any new requirement added in 0.3.4 version? Or I have done something silly.

Hi @kewalparekh, you need to update your LBT installation to the latest developer version. You can use the Ladybug Update component for that.

@chriswmackey, can correct me here but this functionality has been added recently and we have yet to update the Rhino installer to include this new handler.

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Hi @mostapha
yeah, I updated LBT installation and now it works. Also, this is a wonderful update.

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Yes, I just added the handler two days ago right before I pushed the new recipes to Pollination. So updating the LBT core libraries should solve this issue for everyone.