Error Message: This is an invalid Room object

I am receiving the following error message when I try to modify Room Properties in Pollination.

Error Message:
This is an invalid Room object! Error: invalid value for Identifier, must match a pattern of ^[.A-Za-z0-9_-]+&

I had been previously using an older version of Pollination and I’m not sure if this is a compatibility problem.

Here is the model for reference:

For some reason, I am able to modify Room Properties when I edit one room at a time. If I select two or more rooms and try to modify, the error above is received.

Hi @justinshultz, I’m not able to download the file.

Hi @mostapha OneDrive does a terrible job of keeping files linked. Trying this link Sign in to your account

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Thanks, @justinshultz! This is a bug and an annoying one. I can recreate it on my end with other models too.

@mingbo, I’m not sure if that’s the case, but it is most likely because now that you added the schema validation to the UI it tries to validate the identifier value, and "<varies>" is not a valid identifier.


Sorry, Justin for the inconvenience! Editing rooms one by one is not something that you should be doing! :neutral_face: We should be able to fix this quickly once @mingbo gets a chance to review the issue.

Hi @mostapha and @mingbo is there an ETA on this fix or a workaround available? I am unable to edit multiple Rooms at once in the current Rhino Plug-In. I am working on a larger model now and need a better way to apply building wide updates to Program Type, Construction Set, HVAC etc.

Hi @justinshultz! When did you download the plugin? I believe this issue has been resolved in the latest release. @mingbo can confirm.

@mostapha I downloaded on Wednesday. I’ll try downloading and reinstalling from the plugin page.

@mingbo you are superhuman with your bug fixing speed. Thank you for getting this worked out. One less thing to stress about while working on my deadline.