ERROR - Model merging failed


i am trying to export a revit file as GEM for IES, and everything works perfectly till i get to the preview section. I can see all the rooms reconised but I do not get any preview of the 3D model. This is the message I am getting:

Please, can someone help me understanding how to proceed?

Thank you!

Hi @giuseppe92, Sorry about that!

Can you open the log file by clicking on the small black icon, and share the command with me? I need you to share a few files with us to be able to pinpoint the issue and fix this for you.

It looks like the command expects the hb_model to be a single file but is receiving a list. @chriswmackey, can you tell what could be the source of the error based on the error message?

Hey @mostapha ,

It also looks like @giuseppe92 is using an old version of the Revit plugin from over two months ago. I believe this fix that I pushed back in October addresses the issue:

So just updating to the latest Revit plugin should solve this case. That is, unless we have not had a stable release of the Revit plugin in over 2 months.

Thank you @mostapha and @chriswmackey,

I am asking IT to install the update and try again.

I let you know if the issue is still there.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: