Error When Stacking Multiple Levels/Floors of Geometry Exported From Revit in Rhino

Hello @mingbo, @mostapha,

Often I’ll export level by level dfjson from Revit and stack/combine in Rhino.

We had a conversation ~2 months ago on an error that caused plugin data to disappear when importing or inserting exported dfjson levels from Revit in Rhino plugin. Could you update community on best approach for combining dfjsons from multiple levels?

Previous workaround was to open separate instance of Rhino, copy and paste into first instance. Rinse and repeat. Curious if there has been progress on a better workflow.


Hi, @victorbrac,

When was the last time that you tried importing multiple DFJSON files? I just tried it with a simple file, and it worked smoothly. Here is the screenshot.

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Got it. Native import command is now the way to go. Thanks for the post.