EUI and Adaptive Comfort Simulation running for very long time

I am trying to run a few simulations for a project, particularly interested in indoor comfort and energy use intensity of a building. I set up my entire model in Grasshopper and I see that the runs went through and are being processed. However it has been over 2 hours for these recipes. I dont understand why its taking so long. The main interest is to find the indoor comfort for a specific room with a lot of glazing in the building for which I specified the sensor grids.

Hi @rkanamori,

The recipe is doing what it is supposed to do. What happened is that you are running the study under a free account and you ran out of resources which canceled the nodes but because your energy model is too large, it was waiting for that step to be finished before canceling the whole run.

I stopped both of them for you manually. You could have done the same using the UI.

If you only want to run the study for a single room, then you have to model everything else as shades. Otherwise, the energy simulation will run for all the rooms in your model which can take a very long time. I haven’t opened the input HBJSON file but I can see that it is 108 MB which tells me this is a very large model.

@rkanamori, I was able to open your file in Rhino.

  1. You can work on the geometry a bit more. The geometry is not clean and a few rooms don’t load correctly.

  2. You have 100s of shading faces in the context that can be simplified. The number of shades slows down the energy simulation.

  3. The number of rooms is not as many as I thought but you can still optimize the run by modeling most of the rooms as shading elements.

  4. The model is created in mm and with a tolerance of 0.01 of a millimeter. This can cause many issues in solving adjacencies, etc. I would use meters with a tolerance of a mm or a cm.


UPDATE - I had a closer look to see why the geometries are open and you probably want to change the units and tolerance and do some clean-up for the interior apertures.