Exhausted limit error calling CreateArtifact


I’m trying to use the LEED daylight option one recipe with a simple model (2 floors, 4 aperture groups). The simulation runs fine in regular HB AnnualDaylight, but in Pollination I get this error:
Error calling CreateArtifact: {"detail":"Not authorized: Quota of type: \"storage\" has exhausted limit of: 5,000,000,000.0 with usage of: 6,251,844,318.0"}

What does this mean? The model is very simple and I’m only trying to run a single simulation, so I’d be surprised if I’d exhausted any free version limits.


Hi @jroberts - the error means that you have already step exhausted the available storage for a free account which is 5 GB.

Try to delete the previous studies and files and folders under your account and try again.

Hi @mostapha,

I tried deleting previous studies, files and folders but now it says I’ve exceeded compute_hours.

I’m happy to run things locally on my PC, but I get the following error:
This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator

Please could you advise what program/files need to be unblocked? Currently ladybug_tools is installed in C:\Program Files\ while pollination is installed in C:\Users\[username]\

Regular ladybug tools components are running without any issues.

Hi @jroberts, I increased your quotas for this month so you can go forward with your testing on Pollination. Let me know how it goes.

I’m currently traveling. We can debug the error for running locally next week.

Thank you @mostapha!

I’ve successfully run my study on the cloud, but I’m having trouble reading the results. The results do download (I can see them on my PC), but the Load Assets component gives me this error.

Don’t worry unless it’s a simple fix, as ideally I’m looking to run simulations locally anyway (really I just want to use the LEED option one daylight recipe with my other LBT scripts)


Hi @jroberts,

Sorry for the delay. I’m almost back to my normal schedule.

Can you share the log file from the local run with me? If you go to the simulation folder, you should see a logs subfolder that includes two files. That way I can see where it gets blocked.

Ladybug Tools and Pollination use the same methodology for running the simulations locally.

Hi @mostapha,

Thank you, but inside the simulation folder there are no log subfolders, just these four files:

I’ll send them via PM if you need to check them.


This issue was resolved by avoiding the step for writing the bat file, and will be available in the next release.