Export exposed floors to eQuest

Thank You @mostapha. I am getting along pretty well with the tool now. Thanks for your timely and useful feedback. It’s helping me a lot.

There’s another thing I have noticed while translating the model to eQuest, we have the option to select roofs & earth contact surfaces but we are not able to translate floors exposed to air. For example, moving from the 2nd Floor to Third Floor the footprint of the 3rd floor changes and becomes larger than the 2nd Floor, which creates exposed floors for the 3rd floor which are translated as interior floors in eQuest. For now, I think we have to edit them in eQuest but I hope we can have some improvements to translate them as exposed floors from the Revit directly.

Hi @hamzamunawar1050,

Glad to know that you are making progress. The exposed floor should already be supported. How does it export right now? If it is not broken down into two faces, I would check two items:

  1. Does the floor and ceiling match between the floors? You may need to set the extrusion height manually to make sure they are touching.

  2. Did you set the solve adjacency mode to full? That step is critical for breaking intersecting adjacent faces between different floors.

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Just a note, @mostapha .

I just made the change to ensure that the “Full” solve adjacency splits the floors into Surface and Outdoors boundary conditions last Friday:

In the previous version, the exposed part of the floor was left as Adiabatic. So it may not be in the Revit plugin that @hamzamunawar1050 is using yet.

Long story short, I think the next release of the Revit plugin will have this feature, @hamzamunawar1050 , if you follow the steps that Mostapha listed.

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Thanks @chriswmackey for the update. That will make our life more easier :relieved:

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