'Export Model' dialogue box does not open

Hi, @mostapha I hope you are doing well.
I came across an issue with the Revit plugin on a model. I am unable to open the ‘export model’ dialogue box. Other options like ‘sensor grid’ settings open perfectly. With other files, the export works perfectly well. Is there any specific aspect of the model that I need to look out for?
If the answer is complicated, I could send you the file privately.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @ketan, Can you try the latest version (2.39.0) and see if the problem will be resolved. I updated the download link on the announcement page. If it didn’t, feel free to send me the model to test it on our side. Thanks!

Hi @mostapha , that did not work out, unfortunately. I have sent it to you as a private message.

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Thanks! I will take a look later this week after the AEC workshop or early next week. Hopefully it is an easy one to fix.

This was a bug and was fixed in version v2.40.3.