Export to eQuest model suggestions

Thanks @mostapha share me the latest version.
I tested use Pollination Rhino plugin to export eQuest model for energy modeling.
Pollination Rhino plugin worked fine,but has a littte bug to fix.

Here is the screenshot of Pollination Rhino plugin
I created 5 floor building. First floor has 9 rooms, other floor has 1 room.

First floor plan is 8 office and 1 corridor.

eQuest read the inp file and showed as this

Floor 2-5 is right,but 9 room of floor 1 is nor right place.
For Room 1_4, the Azimuth is 46.23.I try to set as 0. It showed right.

After changed all Azimuth of as 0, this floor showed right.

But the ground floor and ceiling still not right. I try to fix this.
For ground floor Face6_ea92e265, the Azimuth is 151.65,I try to change as 180. It change to right.

For the Azimuth of roof can be set to 180.
As the all ground floor and roof Azimuth to 180, the whole model showed right as Rhino 3d viewport.

Here is the hbjson file and eQuest inp file.
test.hbjson (127.3 KB)
Rhino2eQuest.zip (19.7 KB)

Hi @minggang - Thank you for testing the export to eQuest and providing feedback! All the bugs that you pointed out above are already addressed in the latest version of the plugin (, and the model translates correctly with no issues. I just made it available publicly and you can download it from Pollination. Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

One note about your model. I would make sure that you solve adjacency between the floors before exporting to eQuest.

Thanks for your quick reply @mostapha
It is excited that all suggestions has been improved. Your Pollination develop team is great.I will try the new version and give you some feedback.