Fail to export revit model using area plan (Attributes for radiance are invalid)


First of all, thank you creating Pollination, I really like the idea behind it. You guys are making great stuff here.

However, I got into this problem when I try to export Revit model using area plan, the model turns out invalid when I try to export more than one area plans at a time, it will show this message:

Your Model is invalid for the following reasons:
Attributes for radiance are invalid.
The following duplicated SensorGrid identifiers were found:

Any idea how I can fix this issue?


Hi @jionntan, and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Thank you for the kind words! I’m really glad that you’re happy with Pollination.

The reason you get this error message is that the sensor grids are named using the display name of each Area Plan and in your case, they are both called Area. That makes two different sensor grids with the same ID which is invalid. If you rename one of them to Area-2 or something like that it should resolve the issue.

Thank you @mostapha! That resolves the issue!