Failed simulation


I have a naïve question regarding this same issue. I am running a basic daylight factor simulation as my first experiment with Pollination. I am facing the grid related error which can be found here

Is there something am I missing while modeling or computing?


Hi @amanjayedi,

You might want to check whether you have grids in your model. I looked at your model and it does not seem to have grids.


What @devang said! You can add sensor grids to your model using the Ladybug Tools Grasshopper plugin or the Pollination Rhino plugin.

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Thanks a lot! :grinning:


Hi @amanjayedi :wave:
I just noticed that the service that helps display step logs had a fault in it which is why there were no logs to help you understand what had happened. I am in the process of implementing a fix which should make it easier for you to understand why steps are failing.

It should be ready within a couple of hours :raised_hands: