Failed to apply energy properties to the Model: Failed to find Not Set in the schedule_dict

hi all

BEModeler’s life is hard at the moment in case of Pollination. Just changed the value of the delta ventilation control.
Now something about schedules seems to be wrong.

Rhino command line tells it this way.
File “C:\Users\zz\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\honeybee_energy\load\”, line 243, in _extract_abridged_dict_props
raise ValueError(‘Failed to find {} in the schedule_dict.’.format(e))
ValueError: Failed to find Not Set in the schedule_dict.


(Second time today)
Third one looks like this

seems like Pollination is falling apart and it is time to quit until you are able to fix this issue…

Hi @antonellodinunzio, could you please have a look at this GH issue?

Hi @martin6! Sorry about the issue. @antonellodinunzio should be able to debug this early next week. Meanwhile, you can try to Save As the file as hbjson and use the honeybee component to load them back in. I know it is a hack but at least it can keep you going until we get it fixed on our side.

Hi @martin6,

It seems to be something specific with your model that raises this error. It would be useful to have the file to replicate the issue and understand where the translation error is. Could you share the model with me? You can send it to me by private email if necessary


@antonellodinunzio, I added you to the organization so you can access the files for debugging. @martin6, should be able to point you to the right file.

Hi @antonellodinunzio you should use one of the H028 models or the H026 out of the Rhino File project.
The problem didn’t show up again. But in the meantime there where a couple of updates.
I also recommend to follow the link in the first post. That was connected.