Failed to Import to IES VE


we are exploring workflows to export models for IES VE, and using the trial of Pollination to export Revit(2021) geometry to .gem, however, after a seemingly successful export we get an error in IES VE. The .gem files exported are suspiciously small.
The export to .hbjson work well and I am able to preview the geometry in Ladybug Tools.

Here is the latest log file and an example .gem file of one floor I tried to export

Debug.log (2.7 KB)
1floor.gem (48 Bytes)

Could the naming of the rooms be problematic, as it is in cyrillic alphabet?

Thank you for your time!

Hi @hristo,

Thank you for sharing the GEM file, and the logs. The GEM file is empty because the translator fails to write out the rooms.

'charmap' codec can't encode characters in position 83-91: character maps to <undefined>

This is a bug on our end because there is a non-ASCII character in the names of the rooms. I will push a fix for this issue, but meanwhile you can try to remove the non-ASCII characters from the room names to continue your trial.

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Hi @hristo, thank you for reporting the issue. This has been fixed and should be available in the next release.

I sent you a private message with a link to the WIP version that has the fix.

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Thank you very much for the fast response!

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