Feature idea for Rh side plugin:: Set story params

while can do the things from Gh just fine:
REALLY enjoying the Rh side plugin 100%!! Fantastic stuff LBT crew!

let me know if this is just me not realizing the feature exists:

would be cool to be able to set params for the Story assignment,

have 3 stories, about to be 9: and understanding where the current automation comes from in terms of story height: for instance: level 2, ( 3 for more IP folk) is currently 10.82

Would be an OCD enjoyable feature to streamline that ID process, tho I understand its in context of code: Not a simple undertaking.
Just a thought and my unsolicited $0.02!

Thanks for creating this ecosystem!!

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Hi @trevor,

Thank you for the kind comments! :grinning:

Story is an editable field. We auto-generate it based on the heights of the floor but you can change them as needed using the edit properties command.