Fixing Tiny Edges

What is the best way to fix/find the rooms that have tiny edge issues after running PO_SolveAdjacency?

Hi @marentette I would suggest using PO_AlignInPlan command to align all your rooms if you are using the latest version of the Rhino plugin, otherwise it was called “PO_AlignToGrids” in older versions.

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What @mingbo said.

You also want to make sure that you run the PO_RebuildRooms command to merge the coplanar faces before running the PO_AlignInPlan command.

Thank you @mostapha and @mingbo.

How do you determine which room has the tiny edge issue? I dont see it in the notes section of the Pollination panel.

If you check the Rhino layers, there should be a new layer for invalid geometries. There is a sublayer that includes the problematic geometry. If you turn on that layer you should be able to see the geometry.

If you use the commands that we suggested above you shouldn’t really need to see the problematic geometry. The issue should be resolved automatically.

This topic was addressed in a private topic. I’m sharing the link to the video that I recorded for fixing the model with @marentette’s permission. Thank you for sharing the model.