Fly_ID and slider Expression

Using the Fly_ID component i’ve noticed that when a connected slider has and expression in it, the value taken is not what the slider shows but some kind of rounded one. Like so:

For now I’m “solving” it writing the values in a panel instead of using the slider. But I guess this is not the desired best option.

Bringing this just in case you are not aware.


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Hi @ayezioro,

Sorry for the late reply.
I tried to recreate your issue on my side, it seems all working fine.

Am I missing anything?

Hi @mingbo ,
This is weird. Now it is working.
I start t suspect it is related to the sliders in R8. They don’t necessarily comply with the settings. For instance, on some cases you ask for 2 decimal numbers and it gives you 3 instead. It doesn’t round the number, as you do in Fly and instead it gives you more decimals than asked.:

In any case, I’ll take it as working now. Thanks!!

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