Found no apertures. There should at least be one aperture in your model

I have tried to create a model comprising two rooms with surfaces and not enclosed rooms. When I try to create groups in of apertures, the component is not able to recognize the windows. Although I can visualize them.
Happy to have suggestions. Thank you

Hi @ishitasingh, can you share the sample model with us? Otherwise, it is challenging to debug this issue. (45.4 KB)
I have attached the gh file.
Thank you.

Hi @ishitasingh,

Thank you for sharing the model. The error is happening because you are not creating a room. You’re just adding orphaned faces and apertures to the model. Try to create rooms from these faces and add the apertures to faces/rooms.

This is more of a Ladybug Tools question, than a Pollination question.

Hi Mostapha,
Thank you for your response. I have previously been using this workflow with legagcy version ( running daylight without creating rooms) and it has been really helpful specially if we try to model suspended ceiling patterns etc in the zone ( by placing suspended surfaces close to ceilings in the zone).
And I am trying to transition from a similar workflow into pollination.

However, running the same script with ladybug tools still runs the analysis. Although not so convinced with the results. Attached the screenshot.

So, just wanted to know what would be a good workflow in Pollination for complex geometries/ free standing geometry within a zone?

Thank you.

Hi @ishitasingh,

You can still do that. The room-based approach is only required if you need to create the Aperture Groups automatically. If you are running an annual daylight you don’t need to do that.

The values are looking lower than expected most likely because the vectors all looking downwards. Can you change the normal direction of the sensors?

For complex geometries, your current approach should work. You can also use Shade objects and assign materials to them for non-planar geometries.