Found Upside Down Face

When I added rooms by Select Geometries, some of the rooms were modelled upside down. I can manually change the Face Type (Floor/RoofCeiling), but I’m just wondering how Pollination recognises whether the face is Floor or RoofCeiling.

Is there any way to prevent this error in advance?

Hi @keigonomura,

Thank you for reporting the issue. If you use the Rhino plugin to create the rooms, this should not be happening in the first place. I consider this a bug that we should fix on our end. Do you have a sample file that we can use to recreate the error?


Good to hear that.

Sorry, but I have already fixed the upside-down. The room was created from a 2D polyline with our GH scripts which are similar to “Draw a Room” in Pollination Rhino Plugin, but different scripts. Probably, that’s the cause. Only 2 upside-down rooms out of 1100 rooms, which is acceptable.

Thank you, @keigonomura!

I’ll mark this as solved for now but unless we exactly know why this is happening, I actually consider this unacceptable! :upside_down_face: It is fine to have minor bugs but as long as the bugs are predictable, so the user expects them and knows how to go around them until we push a fix. In this case, it is random, and we don’t know when to expect it. That makes it unacceptable!

Feel free to re-open this issue if you faced it again. It should be an easy fix once we can recreate it on our end. Thanks!