Generate *mdd automatically for PO Gh run viz_vars_ to be 'check box' user input on component

Hello! Just a thought:
Would it be possible or feasible to automate the *mdd creation to populate and provide; when right clicks into this user input: a ‘check list’ of the available *mdd vars etc?

Not trying to be super lazy… just thought that would be nifty!

Hi @tfedyna! Assuming I understand your request correctly this is very doable actually if the input has a list of acceptable value set in the recipe itself. If we want to implement this feature this will work for all the recipe and not only this specific input.

What does mdd stand for here?

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Cool! Yeah sooo I realized that eplusout.mdd may have not been the best nomenclature to use in this context: but the eplusout.mdd was what I was referring to!

But yeah: You’re definitely understanding what I did not articulate verry well. :sweat_smile:

I can just never remember all the possible input strings lol