Geometry Modification

I created room by layers in pollination, and figured out some of the geometries were in the wrong layer that Pollination has made a room of them. After changing the layer, the room was still in Pollination and could not delete it. Is there a way to delete the room as there is no object there? When I hit the delete button it does not allow me to do it as no object is there.

Another question is about the other layer that I did select to create room but did not see any result in Pollination. I am wondering why it does not recognize those as a room. You can see the two top floors in below picture.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I am not sure what was the issue, but when I copied and pasted the geometry in a new file issue solved!

Hi @mahagh - thank you for reporting the issue and also including the fix. If you face a similar issue again, it would be great if you could save the 3DM file and share it with us for debugging. Thanks!