Geometry not showing when grid is applied

I just wanted to open a ticket for the issue that I mentioned during the London Workshops. When I apply a grid, the model becomes wireframe and the ‘color by face’ functionality is not working.

Furthermore, I realised that there is something being cashed at the background, as without showing the geometry, the model becomes really slow to rotate/pan etc.

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Thanks @byron, this should have been addressed in the latest version.

Could you be more specific on this issue and some instructions for us to recreate it?

Hi @mingbo,

thanks for getting back.
The first issue is indeed fixed. I can now view my model while the grid is active.

For the second one, what I am experiencing has to do with loading results. Not sure if this is the intended way for Pollination Rhino to work, or I am doing something wrong.
Basically, when I load some Daylight results in the scene, I want to also turn on the face colouring to check the model at the same time. If I do so, the model does not show, but something is happening in the background because Rhino becomes really slow.