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I ran the projects baseline using Ideal Air HVAC to discuss open studio results. The project results are compared to a generic open studio result to provide a better perspective to my query.
Please find my queries below

1) Building Name
Where can I provide an input to change the building name ?

2) Building Type
Since this project qualifies under the building type of School / Hotel. I was wonder if the openstudio standards building type could also be changed.

3) Envelope Summary
I created a custom construction set for this project.

can the material name reflected in the report be edited to reflect the name in the construction set properties?

I see some of the materials have their material layers displayed in the report. Can all the materials applied in the construction set (Base and sub surface) be documented in the construction details section?
As mentioned in the query above - Can the name of the materials reflect the construction set in rhino?

4) Space type breakdown
Can the pie chart and legend be color coded for better understand of this section.

  1. Space type summary
    Each of the zones has an assigned name in the rhino pollination interface.

Can the zone name and definition be applied for the project results as seen in the generic results

That pattern is visible across all zones

  1. Interior lighting summary
    Similar to the queries above - can this reflect the room names in rhino interface?
    If not - How do I manually change these names in illustrator using the reference provided in the space lighting details section.

but the same issue is seen across plug loads summary etc. It is a bit time consuimg to change the report manually, hence if it can be automated, that would be great

7) Zone Conditions
What do these different color coded cells mean?
Can there be a legend for the same?

other than that the HVAC section is understand roomwise distribution with respect to how it registers the room names from rhino interface.

8) Schedule overview
Custon schedule names not registered

Files for reference

Baseline results.html

2 files sent via WeTransfer, the simplest way to send your files around the world

Also having trouble accessing visual report

@upawarcannon ,

Did you run the Annual Energy Use recipe to get the report? That’s what you should do if you want the actual names of things in your model to show up in the report.

From what I can tell, it just looks like you ran the OpenStudio results measure on the raw-exported OSM, which is going to give you a report with a bunch of IDs instead of the names.

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And you can change the building type by plugging it into the Sizing Parameters of your Simulation Parameters, which has an input for “Building Type”.

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Also, you can use the PO_ResetIdentifer command to have all the IDs of your model generated from the display names if you are certain that you have done a good job with uniquely naming your Rooms and you want to use the OpenStudio results measure on a raw-exported OSM. The latest Rhino plugin also has a PO_ResetResourceIDs command that can be used to generate the IDs of all constructions, schedules, etc. from their names.


Thank you for the response @chriswmackey
The commands worked well, and I was able to add the customized zone display name, space type, schedule and construction material name into the report.

I have a few follow-up questions - snips are from an HTML report

  1. For building type
    I am trying to change the “building 1” here to the project building type

As suggested earlier - I tried the following addition to the script

but it did not change the required building name. I also tried to search through the report for the keyword " secondary school" but could not find it in the report. Kindly let me know next steps

  1. Zone name - order of appearance
    currently the zone names appear in a random sequence and are not automatically arrange to appear alphabetically. I would like to change that to organize the sheet.

I tried to sort the list data but that did not seem to have a effect on the organizing the zone name.

It does not follow the alphabetical order seen in the pollination interface - also let me know if there is a method to organize the pollination interface zone name order.

Would be interested to know the logic of this random organization by the pollination panel and Po_Room in grasshopper to help trouble shoot the problem.

kindly let me know suggested next steps

Hi @upawarcannon ,

Changing the building type to Secondary School should change this field that you previously highlighted, which is set to MedisumOffice by default:

We don’t currently have a way to set the OpenStudio/EnergyPlus Building name but it’s not too difficult to just set this from the Model identifier, which is what you can set here in the Pollination Rhino UI:


I’ll try to add this feature today.

The order of the Rooms in the Pollination Rhino UI is not random and corresponds to the order in which the Rooms were created. The order is change-able in Grasshopper but, as you can see, the OpenStudio Results measure is hard-coded to sort the Room names alphabetically. You’ll have to edit the Ruby code of the measure if you want this to be changed.

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I have made the change such that the Model display_name (or identifier if display_name is unspecified) will set the Building name in EnergyPlus/OpenStudio:

The change was merged here:

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Thank you for clarifying the logic of room order and building type location on report.
Appreciate the update.

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